Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still Life With Cats

I have a little stone cat that likes to lounge in the groundcover:

This is Tiger posing next to his stunt double:

And this is Tinkerbell, on the lookout. Her stunt double is there in the background:

I am busy getting ready to host Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt at my house, so I will let my kitties speak for me today.


Natalie said...

Your kitties speak well... oh, they've invited us for Easter!! If only we were close enough to accept. Thank them for me... such sweet kitties.

judy in ky said...

My kitties have good instincts for inviting good people. I wish we were close enough, too!

Susan said...

Sweetness ... I look forward to hearing more about your Easter events avec photos of course. Merci for the design work love.
xo from les Gang

ps did your tiny life collage painting arrive ? I do hope you like it ... well actually I'm hoping that you Love it !!Wink.

judy in ky said...

Susan, it did arrive and I do love it! It's very special. Everything you do is so classy... the packaging and everything... I save it all. I appreciate all the care you take with the details.