Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Floating...

Yesterday was one of those rare Spring days... perfect. Mid-seventies, clear blue sky, no humidity. I think this is the kind of weather in which we were meant to live. It makes you feel as if you are floating effortlessly, becoming one with the atmosphere around you. These are the kind of days for which I live... but they don't happen often enough. Perfect days.

(stock photo by Ellen Isaacs)

I also feel like this when I am floating in warm water. I want to live there so I can feel like this every day.


Jenn Jilks said...

We're just soaking! We're on our third weather system in a couple of hours! Thunder boomers that rattle the eaves...we lost power, temporarily, and and it's only 15 C. (40 F) yet the tourists are up in the cool and the damp. The one cat insists on going out while the others are content to nap. It's another day in Muskoka!

judy in ky said...

Hi Jenn, believe me, we have days like that too! I guess that's what makes us appreciate the nice ones so much.