Friday, April 17, 2009

Ice Cream and Tennis

Last night we had dinner at my sister's house. I took some photos of my nieces; I thought I would share them here:

This is Aubrey, eating ice cream.

She can't decide whether to leave it as is and eat it with a spoon, or make soup out of it and drink it through a straw.

Either way, I think she likes it!

This is Molly, practicing her tennis moves. Sammy is by her side, ready to help!

"Stay there Sammy... I've got it!"

Get a load of Sammy's body language... she's got her eye on the ball!

Aha! Sammy's going to get this one!


anya said...

The girls are so darling. I'll bet you have a good time with them and one thing....same as with me having Katy here...your weekly time with them is building a life long bond.

Everyone is dressed so summery in your photos! I'm looking at SNOW everywhere. Had a big, wet, heavy snow three days ago. It's great water for our arid ground, though. I'm ready for it to go. Bring on the rain.

judy in ky said...

Yes, we do have a good time together. I do feel like we are building a life-long bond.

We've been having summery days alternating with chilly, windy days. No snow for a while, though.