Sunday, April 5, 2009


i love these pale, pale pink roses. They are New Dawn roses.

After we moved into our old house, I planted a New Dawn climbing rose by the side door. I gave it a little trellis to climb on. It outgrew that little trellis in one season. I gave it a much bigger trellis. A few seasons later, it had even outgrown the big trellis. That's what I love about these roses. They climb enthusiastically and bloom generously. I had a beautiful cloud of green leaves and pink blossoms growing up and over my side door.

I love how this rose looks climbing up on this tree.

When we moved to Kentucky, our new house already had roses in our front yard and by our back porch. They are called "Knock Out Roses". I had never heard of these before we moved here. They are bright red and look pretty all spring and summer.

Yesterday I spent two hours trimming these rose bushes so they would be ready to blossom again this season. That's what made me think about roses today. I have to get some better gloves, though. I was stuck many times by thorns, and I had to pull two out of my hands with tweezers. Ouch! They look pretty but they can be dangerous!


Susan said...

beautiful !! and I bet they smell divine.

anya said...

Lucky you.....up here in the hinterlands, at 9,000 feet, roses that look like that are just a fragrant dream. At my ranch though, where I had extensive gardens I grew a lot of the Canadian roses bred for tough climates. My best was...William Baffin, I think the name was. I had put it in a micro climate and it was as close to a rose fantasy that I've ever come! Beautiful photos, Judy.

Bearette24 said...

I like the New Dawn roses. I like yellow roses, too - had them at my wedding.

The word verification was "punbugs."

judy in ky said...

Thanks, Susan and Anya!

Bearette, I used to work with a "punbug"... he made us groan every day with awful puns.

Rachel said...

Oh, I love New Dawn too - I have a couple in my back yard (which isn't at all like the American garden back yard, sadly - just a concrete space behind the house that the Edwardians kept the dustbins and the coalhouse and the outside toilet in!) The greenfly love them too, though (and my word verification is "nawer"...). Happy Easter!