Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Day in My Life...

I was in bed all day yesterday, with chills and fever. I think it was a virus; must have been one the flu shot missed. This is the post I would have made yesterday if I hadn't been sick.

On Tuesday I pick up my three nieces after school, get them something to eat, and try to get them to do their homework. If their dad isn't home by six, I also take them to gymnastics. This Tuesday, I decided to take photos along the way and show a day in my life.

First, I drive to my sister's house and get her car, which has booster seats. I also let the puppy, Sammy outside for a break.

Here is Sammy greeting me as I come back to the house after getting the mail. I wish you could see how hard she wags that stubby little tail! She is the friendliest dog I have ever known. And she is always smiling.

Here I am, waiting outside school in the car line.

Here are the kids, waiting to be picked up.

Here come the first two nieces, ages seven and nine:

Here comes the eleven-year old, with her Junior Ranger hat she got on vacation last year. She wore it for show and tell today.

In the back seat, ready to go. The seven year old, on the left, is really pretty. I don't know why she always make such funny faces when the camera clicks.


We have arrived at home. Time to unload all the backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

We sit at the table and eat, and talk, and get the homework out.

Sarah likes to do her homework away from the table. Doesn't she look like she will be a teenager in two years?

Molly went outside to play with Sammy:

I think she was pretending she was flying:

Sammy likes to sit on the swing and chew on her rawhide:

Sarah is very conscientious about getting her homework done.

Their dad got home before six, so I didn't have to take them to gymnastics. So, that was it. I don't know why the photos are so blurry. It must be that I was starting to feel sick already; maybe I was shaking. Anyway... I am feeling a bit better today.


Valerie said...

Sammy is so cute, do you know what kind of dog he is?

Natalie said...

I smile thinking of you and what a wonderful difference you are making in your nieces' lives.

judy in ky said...

Hi Valerie, Sammy is a Wheaten Terrier.

Thanks Natalie!

Susan said...

How nice that you get to spend one day of the week with your nieces and sweet Sammy. xo from all of us

Sanmmy's a Wheaton Terrier just like
MLou's Missy J

Bearette24 said...

I love Wheaton terriers; so does Eric! He squeals when he sees one :)