Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Things I Just Don't Get...

How many times a day do you want to say "what were they thinking?" How often do you just shake your head and think "how in the world does that make sense?"

Happens to me all the time. Here are a few examples:

1. Why does every house hunter on HGTV insist on "granite countertops and stainless steel appliances"? It's almost as if they have all been brainwashed! Do they teach this stuff in primary schools now? In my head, I see a picture like an old Michael Jackson music video... a bunch of zombies trudging forward with arms outstretched, chanting: "granite countertops and stainless steel appliances... granite countertops and stainless steel appliances".

2. And what about pedestal sinks? Where do you put all the stuff you use when you are standing in front of the sink? Seems totally impractical to me. Give me an old-fashioned vanity (I know... eeek!).

That's just the small stuff... what really gets to me is celebrities. Are these people for real?

3. Why do young female celebrities keep wearing fedoras? Don't they know how stupid this looks?

Especially this one. I think she may have started it all. Why would anyone want to copy her?

4. Why doesn't Elisabeth Hasselbeck ever shut up? Why does Barbara keep her on "The View"? She is so shrill, I can't stand to listen to her. What did she ever do to deserve so much media exposure? Oh yeah, she was on "Survivor". I guess that makes her an expert in all things political. She's the female version of Joe the Plumber.

5. Another one I wonder about every time I see her "special reports" on celebrity "news". How in the world did Courtney Hazlett get her job? I could see her on something like "Entertainment Tonight" but why does she appear on otherwise serious news programs?

6. I think this is my favorite one though... big ol' fish lips!

Am I being especially snarky today? Or just showing my age?


Rachel said...

Snarky...that's a good word - you can see the expression on the face of someone being snarky - slight flaring of nostrils, little curl of lip, withering look.....

And the answer to both your questions is probably yes. It is when I make that sort of list, anyway.

anya said...

What a great post, Judy! I love the way a pedestal sink looks but I'm with ya...where do you put the STUFF?

And the "big ole fish lips"! Funny. One of the funniest scenes in any movie was in First Wives Club, I think it was called, where Goldie Hawn had just had her lips done.

I'm catching up on my friends blogs this morning. Been a little dispirited here for a number of days but feel I'm reentering civilization today! Full of vigor!!!!