Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby's First Birthday

Yesterday, we went to my niece's house to celebrate her baby boy's first birthday. This is the birthday boy, with his dad. They are sitting at the table, ready to blow out the candle.

This is his big sister, helping to blow out the candle.

Did anyone say "gifts"?

"I have to read the card first":

"Ooohh... paper!"

"What's this?"

"Mmm... I think I will play with the box!"


Natalie said...

And so typical... boxes are still a big hit with Maria.

Bearette24 said...

Is this another niece, who has a baby? I remember your 3 nieces are really young...

judy in ky said...

Yes, I have an older niece in addition to the three younger ones. I have three sisters, and there is a 17-year age difference between the oldest and the youngest.
My oldest sister is in her sixties and my youngest sister (the one with the little girls) is in her forties. She had hers a little later than most people because she went through med school before she got married.

Mim said...

Have you left for Cali yet? If not hope you have a great trip.

Lora said...

my niece turns one next month and I am just as proud as if she were my own kid!