Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pictures from This Morning... Easter Aftermath

While I was putting the Easter things away this morning, I had a few minutes to pay attention to the small things around me. This is the Easter wreath on my front door. It's so pretty I hate to take it down. (Okay, I won't!)

A parade of bunnies on my table, grouped together to be put away until next year:

Here is the basket of flowers on my back porch. I got them about two weeks ago, and for a while had to bring them inside every night to protect them from freezing. Now it's finally warm enough to leave them out all the time. Wish I lived in California! Or Hawaii!

Here is Katie, trying to smell the flowers through the screen door:

Tinkerbell? What are YOU looking at?

Maybe she's watching Tiger. He's chasing a little toy mouse behind the curtain! The kitties love those tiny stuffed mice. Tiger walks around the house with one in his mouth... meowing loudly. I guess he is bragging: "look what I got!".

At the moment, he is very busy guarding the golf umbrella!

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Natalie said...

Those are good *small things,*