Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiger's "Big Adventure"

See my three cats gathered at the back door? This is the door I had open yesterday because it was a nice, warm day. Trouble was, yesterday I failed to realize that the screen door was also open. Several hours later I noticed the wide open door. Oh no! I always panic when one of my cats gets outside. We have woods in the back, where there are feral cats, raccoons, and reportedly coyotes. I went around the house, counting cats. Tiger was missing!

I went outside and walked all around the house, calling him. I walked down the street, looking for the little grey and white cat. Then I got a picture of Tiger and went around the neighborhood, like a detective on a crime drama; "have you seen this cat?" One of the neighbors said she had seen a gray and white cat down in the ravine. I put on my rugged shoes and headed toward the ravine to check it out. I saw Tiger down there, but when I called him he turned and scooted farther away.

I went back inside and got the bag of cat food to try to lure him up to the house. I shook the bag so he could hear it, then I put a dish of food out in the yard. My next door neighbor came outside to see what I was doing. As we stood there chatting, Tiger came up toward the food. Again, when I came close to him, he turned and ran away. "Okay, Tiger," I said, "I'll be here when you decide to come home." I was hoping he would come back before it got dark.

My plan was to get a glass of wine and sit out on the porch swing. I went inside and got my wine. When I turned around and headed for the door, guess who was standing right there just outside the door... Tiger! If you know cats, you know they always have to do things on their own terms!

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