Sunday, March 29, 2009

Question for My Fellow Bloggers

Hi. A few days ago, the Profile View counter on my profile page has become stuck. The number has remained the same even though I know there have been visits. Has anyone else noticed this? It's not a big deal... but it's weird and a bit annoying.


Natalie said...

I'll check mine, but it won't actually mean a thing, since I do not remember the last time I checked.
Seems consistent with Blogger's flakiness though.
Maybe they are updating or having temporary issues... ?

judy in ky said...

I looked on google and a lot of bloggers are apparently having the same issue. I guess they will get it fixed eventually.
Blogger is flaky at times. I think it's tied in somehow to YouTube and a lot of people have been complaining about that, too.

Bearette24 said...

i think mine may be stuck too.

Susan said...

You know I love Blogger ... I've not had any problems at all and I find it so easy to use and the tutorials and gadgets are great !! not sure about my profile counter I honestly don't pay much attention as I'm always glued to Sitemeter.

judy in ky said...

Hi Susan, I haven't learned my way around all the sites yet, but I'm venturing into it a little at a time.
I've never heard of Sitemeter... how does that work?