Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Like Spring

My yard is just beginning to bloom!
Here is a little willow tree in the back yard.

Daffodils peek out from under the willow tree:

A sentimental favorite... my bleeding hearts just beginning to blossom out:

Our house in Philadelphia had a big bay window in the kitchen. I loved that bay window. Our cat, Maggie loved it too. It was just right for her to sprawl out in the sunlight. I planted a bleeding heart just outside that window. It seemed to love that spot too. It thrived and grew and looked prettier every year. When we moved from that house, the bleeding heart was one of the things that I most hated leaving behind. So, of course I had to plant one here; in fact, I planted two just to be sure. They are both coming back after winter, and are starting to bloom. I still miss the big bay window, but at least I have the bleeding hearts in my new back yard.

p.s. Today I have to go to the dentist and have my new crown put on (see prior post "The Day I Got My Crown")


Natalie said...

The same iPod that Anya loves on the treadmill, makes dentist time bearable for me. I hope you can fill up with more signs of spring and pass the coronation in reasonable comfort.

judy in ky said...

The coronation is complete, and it wasn't bad at all.
I will have to get current with the iPod thing. I was having trouble syncing iTunes from my laptop to my iPhone, so the geniuses at Apple store replaced my operating system last week. Maybe now I can get it to work.

Mim said...

Well at least you advanced to an iphone.. i still have my trusty little nokia.
But I do have an ipod and we did transfer all our music to the mp3 style.
How have you been lately?
I haven't emailed you in awhile.
Hope all is well!