Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good News!

I did it! i figured out how to add YouTube videos to my blog today!
To celebrate, I put up three songs from my favorite composer... Antonio Carlos Jobim.
He is a hero in Brazil, where they call him Tom. They even named the Rio de Janeiro airport for him.

He is a hero to me too. Unfortunately he died in 1994 at age 67. I wish I had had a chance to know him.
I feel like his personality comes through in his melodies. It has been said that a lot of his music was inspired by nature, specifically by the ocean that he loved. His song called "Wave" is an example of this.
I feel the same way about nature and especially the rhythm of the ocean. I can sit by the beach and listen and watch it for hours. To me, his music is perfect for doing this. His music is lilting, melodic, playful and romantic. It makes me happy.
My posts with videos are below this one.

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