Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Odd Couple.... My Life

It's 9:30 Saturday morning here. I have been at home alone since Tuesday, when my husband left for a business trip. He is due home on a flight that arrives at 10:20. We live close to the airport so he could be home as early as 10:45. That means I have a little over an hour to get the house in shape.

Remember The Odd Couple? I liked the movie and I liked the TV show even more (it was a bit more light-hearted and I like Tony Randall. Not that I don't like Jack Lemmon but he had more of an edge... anyway, I digress.) Every time I hear the theme song it makes me laugh. (I will post it here some day if I ever get YouTube to work.)

We live in a version of The Odd Couple. My husband is the Felix character and I am the Oscar character. Maybe I am not quite the slob that Oscar was, but I am pretty relaxed about things. My husband, on the other hand, is one of those "white glove" guys. When he is due home I feel I have to prepare for "inspection". Oh no, don't get the wrong idea; he doesn't do a formal inspection. He is a bit more "PC" than that. But he does notice; and I notice that he notices.

So for the next hour or so I will be sprucing up the house. (Unless his flight is early; in spite of the recent trend of delayed flights, his are usually either on-time or early... go figure!)


Susan said...

That's so funny Judy. I too am an Oscar except for when it comes to my creative stuff - then I'm Felix all the way. I detest housecleaning ... and truly wish I did have a team of mute, invisible valets - it's a long time dream of mine. Love cooking, really like doing dishes and I have a thing about keeping my fridge really neat & clean and I do make my bed each morning but it pretty much stops there. Sigh... I think there is a huge expectation for women to not only be good at housecleaning but to actual enjoy doing it.

Off to walk in sunshine with Miss D.
Happy weekend !

judy in ky said...

Hi Susan,
I'm more like Felix with my sewing supplies too... otherwise I'd always be searching for things when I need them.
Happy weekend to you as well!