Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Day I Got My Crown

Isn't it funny how your mind works sometimes?

Yesterday, I came home to find a Post-It note on the kitchen sink. On it my husband had written this message: "Your crown is in".

"My crown? What crown?" I thought. Maybe it was a joke. Or maybe I had ordered something and forgotten all about it. But I didn't remember ordering a crown.

Then, for some reason, the movie "The Princess Diaries" popped into my mind. Had a distant, unknown relative passed away and left me a kingdom?

I found my husband in his office and asked him what the note was about. He quickly brought me back to reality: "Your dentist called".



Natalie said...

I love that your mind is hopeful and optimistic.

Bearette24 said...

that's funny.

judy in ky said...

Yes, I guess a little wishful thinking never hurts...

Susan said...

that's too funny !!

Mim said...

What part of the Bay area does she live. Our daughter is right down town in the Tenderloin district!
We are both really good at home repair/renovation projects and each home we have we do all from a-z!
However our careers have nothing to do with what we do when we are here at home.
We are just biding some time trying to figure out which direction to go.Too young to retire, and too old to start new careers. A big dilemna.
I loved your crown post.
Hope you are well.

Renee said...

this is so adorable. love it.


Mim said...

Judy,It is so expensive but it is so diverse and so delightful.
Everytime I go I spend so much money, but we have so much fun and do so much.
Last two times it was Sonoma and Napa wine country.
This time we stayed local, except for renting a car and driving s on Highway 1 to Half Moon bay for lunch with one of her friends.
It is a beautiful area of the country, isn't it?
Time to go visit again?