Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some of My Favorite Things Today

It's a little early for blooms around here, but I went looking for things that remind me of Spring. Also, found some things I like all year-round.

Dogwood wreath on my front door:

Bunnies everywhere:

Have you heard the myth about the moon rabbit?

This little dish depicts that myth:

On the same table: ruffly glass bowls in Spring colors and a little sleeping cat:

The table, by the way, is a family antique; before me, it belonged to my great aunt, and was made by someone way back on the family tree. It has carved legs, and the marble top has a chess board carved into it.

The same aunt had this Capodimonte figurine sitting on the table. Now it's on my china hutch with my flow blue dishes, which are also among my favorites.

Have you noticed a lot of blue and white here? Yes, they are favorites too. My old house near Philadelphia was mostly blue and white. Blue shutters on white stucco, and blue woodwork inside. My current house came with warmer colors, but I am adding a lot of blue and white to the mix.

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Pam said...

Hi Judy, just visiting via Susan's blog. I was delighted with the Moon Rabbit legend. I had not heard of it before. "You learn something every day" is certainly something that happens in this wonderful blogging community. Thank you for sharing such interesting and beautiful items that mean so much to you.