Friday, January 23, 2009

Pulling My Hair Out

This is me. Well, it's not really me in the photo, but I am blonde and I do have bangs. And my computer has a little Apple on top, not like the one in the photo. But it does portray exactly how I am feeling at the moment. It's a long story, but I will try to make it short.

I am new to the computer, new to the i-phone, new to i-tunes. Well, fairly new. I have mastered the computer well enough to create this blog. And I can make phone calls and pull up email on my i-phone. But that's about it. Last week, I decided to start using i-tunes so I could listen to my favorite music. Problem is, I had logged on to i-tunes a while ago but didn't really get around to using it. So, I already had a user I.D. and a password. Well, of course I couldn't remember either one, so I decided to start over. The sign on-screen hinted that my user I.D. might be the same as my email address. So, I tried putting that in and went to "forgot my password". It wouldn't give me a new password because it said my answer to the "personal question" was wrong. How could that be? I had only one first home address and that's what I had used when I originally logged on months ago.

So, I decided to start over with a new user I.D. It wouldn't let me do that either. It said there was already someone at that email address. Yes, I know... that was me! I was confused because it said I needed and "Apple I.D." to use i-tunes. Then it gave me choice of whether to use my "Apple I.D." or my "AOL I.D." I didn't know I had an "AOL I.D." I had an email address and password.. was that the same thing? I called the help line and they were no help... damned recordings!

Long story short... I fiddled with it most of Thursday morning, and finally got on i-tunes with a new I.D. (I think it's an "Apple I.D" but I'm not sure... it might be an "AOL I.D".) YAY! Now I can get into i-tunes!

This morning? Now I can't get into AOL. It doesn't recognize my screen name or my password. And when I try to get a new password, it keeps telling me that I don't know my own first address OR my pet's name. (That's because one question asks "what was the name of your first pet?" and another one asks "who is your current pet"? Well, they are different, so I never know which one I should use.

So... back to the pulling out my hair part. I am a card-carrying member of Mensa (really) but I can't figure out all these "screen names", "user I.D.", and "passwords". And, apparently I can't remember my first home address either.

I did manage to sign on to my apple account so I could make an appointment at the "Genius Bar". So, this afternoon, instead of doing what I had planned to do with my Friday, I will be driving an hour and a half up to my local (sort of local) Apple Store to consult with a Genius. Wish me luck! Grrrr!


Bearette24 said...

Good luck!

judy in ky said...


Carol said...

Hey, Judy........
Thank you so much for stopping by the porch !I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I have been there done that girl!
Now I keep a little notebook for the info: Don't it just cork you when it won't let you create a new account?

The Pink Cowboy said...

it's time to call on i-God or i-Goddess. It takes me more or less 1month average to figure out all the buttons in my TV remote control. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I must apologize, I answered one of your comments addressing you as Judy in the Sky ;not Judy in Ky. It happens everytime I am not wearing my glasses. I'm in denial about them..."oh I don't need them, really."
Love your posts, they are clever and very entertaining. Thumbs up!

Natalie said...

I feel your pain.
Sometimes I think I could just walk away from modern communication and send smoke signals... oh, but that wouldn't be *green.* Guess I better do like you, and learn as much as I can.

judy in ky said...

Hi Pink Cowboy,
I actually kind of like "Judy in the Sky" better!
(I thought you said it because I had traveled to Mars.)
I once had a cat I named "Lucy" because she had kaleidoscope eyes...