Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Goals, Little Goals... Baby Steps?

It's time to think about setting goals for the new year, right? Trouble is, I can't think about big goals right now. My mind is cluttered with too many little details that are begging for my attention. So, before I can think about my goals for the year, I have to tackle the following:

See my new note cards? These are for the thank you notes I need to write for for all the Christmas gifts I received.
I got the note cards last weekend in Philadelphia, at a store called "Blue Tulip". See the small blue bag from "Blue Tulip"? It's a very nice little store that I liked to visit when in Philadelphia. I had to say goodbye to it, though. It is closing this week due to the economy.

See my new book... "The Flat Belly Diet"? I have to go shopping for the grocery list in the book so I can start on the diet.

And then there is the stack of magazines and catalogs I have to go through. They accumulate so quickly! I'm sure I had a reason for keeping each one, but I'm running out of room!

Finally, look at my little table. It's a mess... covered in clutter. I have to do something about that too!


bb mcclain said...

We cleared out a ton of old clothes the other day and took them to Wayside Christian Mission. I felt so righteously organized!

jennster said...

good luck with the food thing!!!!! i'm trying to just eat differently altogether so that i don't lose weight and then gain it all back when i stop "dieting" you know?!? frustrating.


Natalie said...

I love discovering that I am not alone in the world, trying, again, to do this and that and everything and look gorgeous doing it! Gracious. Thank you for being a beacon, for shining an inspiring light.