Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Normal... a Quiet Sunday

It's kind of nice to be back to normal life, after all the excitement of the holidays. Just a quiet Sunday at home is such a simple pleasure. Getting the house back into order... yesterday I took some clothing to the consignment store, and dropped off a load of stuff at the Goodwill. I am planning to do more of this in the next few days. There is something about a new year that makes me feel like making a clean start, clearing out all the things I no longer need.

This evening my sister and her family came for dinner. It was nice to have all seven of us around my table, just relaxing and talking. For dessert, we had an ice cream smorgasbord... I had six different kinds all lined up on the kitchen counter and everyone helped themselves... plus whipped cream! My new favorite is Pomegranate Chip by Haagen Dazs.

Such simple pleasures, family, ice cream, sharing a meal. Now we are watching an old Pink Panther movie with Peter Sellers. It's a nice change to laugh, getting away from all the troubles in the world.

The photo is my cat, Katie, in a quiet moment of her own.


Jennifer Jilks said...

katie looks as happy as you sound!

I sit, watching the driving snow, again. Better than yesterday's freezing rain!

It is the variety that helps us appreciate the change: frantic activity, with friends & family => peaceful moments of solitude.

Natalie said...

Pink Panther and Peter Sellers is a family favorite. I think the laughter heals our souls.