Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Monster Landed in My Living Room

We finally decided to buy one of those new flat-screen T.V.s. I went to Sam's Club last week and saw a cute little 26-inch number. It was petite and streamlined and I thought it would be perfect to replace our old model with the rabbit ears. I called my husband on my cell phone and asked what he would say if I brought it home. He said he wanted to wait until he had a chance to look. So, last weekend we went out and looked.

This is what we came home with. It's a monster! It's huge! He had talked me up from the cute little 26-inch to a 46-inch screen. That's when the salesman told us the 50-inch was actually less expensive than the 46-inch. So, we ended up with this 50-incher. I feel like it has taken over the whole room, the whole house. I feel like I have to redecorate all around it. It's just sitting on a tiny little table. Everything around it looks insignificant now.

My brother-in-law says we should mount it on the wall. That would make me feel like I was living in a sports bar or a hospital waiting room... no T.V. stuck to the wall for me! I've seen nice-looking wall units made to fit these monsters... they come with shelves and cabinets and take up the whole wall. But they are expensive! We are trying to save for retirement, not at a stage in life to buy new furniture. So, now what do I do!


Natalie said...

We have a slightly smaller monster and she lives on a coffee table. It's not ideal, but the expense of decorating for a television is a big price to swallow.
Let's consider the benefits, the perks if you will...
The movie watching experience is AWESOME!! Our family of 6 pays $66 to go out to the movies and that is before they beg for popcorn and lemonade... crazy. We are very happy to bring the movies home and enjoy the jumbo screen at home.

judy in ky said...

Hi Natalie,
We will be watching movies too, as soon as we get the DVD player hooked up!
I hate going to crowded movie theaters anyway. I'm sure I will grow to love the monster.

bb mcclain said...

Love the tall case clock. We bought a 52" FP last summer but before that we bought a corner TV stand that would fit on it. Looks nice, but you're right, they're monsters until you get used to it.

judy in ky said...

Thanks bb, we brought the clock from our house in Pennsylvania. It sat in the entry hall there for sixteen years. I've always liked it, too.

anya said...

You were smart to get a larger one, though I know what you mean about them being monsters. I keep my tv in the den/studio/playroom/office/workout room, a room I've completely lost control of, so I don't have to see it except when I want to. But I had the small one you spoke of before and I remember when I decided that just wouldn't work. I was watching Marie Antoinette and I couldn't see the details of those fabulous girls and their fabulous clothes. It drove me crazy! I can at least SEE now!