Friday, January 2, 2009

An Excellent Way to Start the New Year

What a fabulous couple of days! On New Year's Eve Day we flew from Kentucky back to Philadelphia... our adopted home town and a city that I love. We stayed with good friends, friends with whom we have traveled all over the world and had some fabulous times together. Our friends live in a lovely condo building full of fun people. We stayed with them and joined them for a New Year's Eve party. There was lots of festive food and many, many bottles of wine. At midnight, we raised a toast to the new year with a bottle of Dom Perignon.

On New Year's Day we surprised our former next door neighbors. We lived next door to them for sixteen years, and we love them. Every year they have an open house brunch on New Year's Day, and for sixteen years we never missed it. This year we flew back to surprise them... they didn't know we were coming to town. It was wonderful! We talked to all of our former neighbors and caught up with everyone. It was the best!

It was a sentimental journey back to a life we left behind three years ago. It did our hearts good. We talked and laughed more than we have for the past three years. It was as if no time at all had passed!

Now I have high hopes for 2009. I feel happy and inspired. I have been stagnating for a while now, but that is going to stop. I am going to start living a full life again! Seeing all my old friends and neighbors reminded me of what I've been missing.

I would like to post some pictures, but I was too busy having fun to take them!

Let's all hope that 2009 turns out to be a good year.


anya said...

Judy your trips to Philadelphia always sound like such fun. But this one seems to have been even more meaningful as it inspired you to think about how to enrich the life you're in now. The "live in the moment" philosophy. I know for sure that living like that promotes happiness and satisfaction.

We ARE all going to have a great New Year!

judy in ky said...

Hi Anya, you are a wonderful example of "living in the moment"... your recent posts have been so full and life and joy.
I agree that is the way to live... after all, it's the only chance we have! I also like the idea of animal messengers. I feel such a close bond to them, and to nature as a whole.
I agree with you. We ARE all going to have a great New Year!

Susan said...

Hi Judy, How terribly sad for you to see a dog dead on the side of the road and bless that sweet dog's soul. I think we as a species don't have nearly enough appreciation for the creatures that share this planet with us. From tiny insects to elephants - we treat their lives for the most part as if they're unimportant and that (our lack of appreciation) almost more than anything in life - makes feel sad, despondent almost. You know from the life with your cats what unique personalities & spirits they each have ... you can't convince me that it's not exactly the same with mice, raccoons or crows or any animals.

Pardon ... a wee tangent ! Happy to hear you had a great visit to Philadelphia and that you have great promise and hope for the new year.

cheers to us !

xo, Susan, Miss D, Bleet, Oliver & Gus