Thursday, November 21, 2013

To Move or Not To Move

A lot of my "psychic energy" has been taken up recently by a dilemma about moving or not moving.  I've been reading a novel called Jujitsu Rabbi and the Godless Blonde.  At one point the main character (the godless blonde) is so paralyzed by indecision that she stands in the drug store looking at deodorant ingredients for twenty minutes. That's how I've been feeling recently, paralyzed by indecision.

To move or not to move.  That is the question.  When we moved here seven years ago to be closer to family, I thought we would probably one day move back to Philadelphia, where we had a life.  I worked there and came to love being in the city and taking the train.  We made friends there.  We still keep in touch with those friends, and they are encouraging us to "come home".

The problem is, we are retired now and the cost of living is considerably higher there.  We can live comfortably here in retirement, or move back to the east coast and worry about money.  Life isn't bad here and we do have family ties, but friends and social life are waiting for us there.  We have even discussed this with a counselor.  She admits it isn't easy to make friends in this area, unless you have children or grandchildren and have lived here all your life.  We have made friends with our next door neighbors, as we are all cat people and care for a little feral colony in our neighborhood.  Our friends back in Philly go to the shore and go to Broadway shows, and we would like that too.  I guess we could stay here and visit there for special occasions, but it's not the same as day-to-day life there.

I've been trying to decide whether to write about this here because it's so public.  But it's difficult to think about anything else while my brain is preoccupied with this.  You may have noticed Iv'e been writing posts featuring good things about Cincinnati.  That's one side of it.  But I remember, ages ago when I began this blog, writing about all the things I missed in Philadelphia.  The counselor says maybe you can have "two homes" in an emotional sense, but I can't live in two homes every day.

… and then there is always Hawaii.  I would like to live there too.  What a dilemma!


Bearette said...

That is a tough life vs. money worries. Once I was grappling with a problem years ago and saw a psychic. I don't think she actually had psychic ability, but was good at reading people and illuminating what they actually want. At any rate, her advice helped me solve the problem.

the veg artist said...

It's difficult. I think that no matter what our situation, there are 'extras' that we would like. Modern life gives us so many choices, often conflicting. Perhaps that's the answer - we cannot have everything.
Have you tried listing and giving merit points/weighting to each option?

judy in ky said...

Bearette, I wouldn't rule out a psychic… you never know!
Artist, that's what my husband suggested today, that we sit down and identify pros and cons. I know, no one can ever "have it all".

Pam said...

It does make you envy those who feel very settled doesn't it, but that long term settlement often comes to the detriment of excitement.
When I've been wracked by very important indecisions in my life I've sought psychic help - it is reassuring if you find a good one.
Search until you find an excellent one - mine gave me names of relatives (including surnames!) from generations back with their advice which was astounding and much appreciated.
At the very least it's an interesting experience!

judy in ky said...

That does sound interesting, Pam. I wonder if I can find one of those around here. I did feel settled in Philadelphia but now I'm beginning to feel settled here, and that surprises me. I do enjoy creating a home… a nesting instinct.