Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Around Here

Every year around this time, the trees are colorful with the leaves changing colors.  At some point, comes a storm that blows all the leaves off, and the trees are left bare.  I hate that storm because I love seeing the trees in all their glory.

This year the storm came on Halloween.  The weather forecasters were predicting heavy rain and damaging winds, so many communities postponed trick or treating to Friday night.  Our community, however, did not.  As it turned out there was some rain, but nothing as bad as they had predicted.

As I ran my errands yesterday I took some photos of trees because I thought it might be my last chance before the storm.  I also took photos of my nieces getting ready to go out trick or treating.

I took this one on my way to a doctor appointment.  I just got out of my car and snapped it with my iPhone.

I took a few from inside my car as I was going to pick up my mom (I was stopped at a red light).

You can tell by these flags that the wind was blowing:

Then we went to my sister's house.

There's that little red car again.  You can tell it's been raining, the driveway is getting wet.

This is the view outside the living room window.  They have nice trees in their yard, but this photo doesn't really show how bright they are, probably because it's so cloudy out.

This is my nieces' favorite reading chair, with their playhouse in the background.  They used that playhouse a lot when they were younger, now not so much.

My youngest niece in that chair, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Her older sister, dressed as Doctor Who No. 11.  She's holding a "sonic screwdriver".  I guess those are "sonic glasses" she has on, too.

Here they are together, posing for the official parents' Halloween portrait.  My phone made it a little blurry, I'm afraid.  Here's a better picture of Little Red Riding Hood.  It's a little blurry too... oh well.

Finally, here is Sammy the Wheaten Terrier, with her cat ears on.

You can't tell from the photo, but the cat ears were purple sequined.

It was a colorful Halloween.


Pam said...

Happy Halloween Judy!
I remember (decades ago now!) the whiteboard houses of Wisconsin with carved pumpkins on the porches, ... and as a student teacher in Stillwater Minnesota, making Halloween decorations with the schoolchildren - later IN November, as part of an art lesson the children drew turkeys for Thanksgiving with hand-shapes for tails.
Those months are a great time to be in the States - everything looks wonderful with the changing seasons.
Thank you for sharing your happy photos - and reviving memories for me also.

judy in ky said...

I agree Pam, these months are very pleasant here. The heat of summer is gone and the cold of winter isn't here yet. I wish this season lasted a little longer.
How did you come to do student teaching in Minnesota? I did mine in northern Ohio.
When I was in school (1950s) we drew turkeys with hand-shapes too!

Pam said...

We had an exchange system, and our exchange University was actually with Buffalo in New York, although only one of our student group prac.taught at a high school there.
I had the most wonderful school and mentor in the elementary school in Stillwater.
In my final year of prac teaching in country South Australia I was paired with a snobbish horrible woman - she was due for retirement, as was my lovely Stillwater teacher, but you couldn't find two more different people. I couldn't help but compare it to the time in the States and how wonderful, helpful and happy it was.

judy in ky said...

I'm glad you had a good mentor here, and that you had a good experience in the States. Minnesota does have a reputation for good people.