Monday, November 18, 2013

Rain Man Was Here

That's Tom Cruise in the Dixie Terminal Building, in Cincinnati.  The movie "Rain Man" was filmed on locations in and around Cincinnati.  You can see the Roebling suspension bridge through the window.  Later in the film, they drove across that bridge.

More of the Dixie Terminal Building:

The doors are surrounded by Rookwood tiles.

Here are the scenes where they drove over the Roebling Bridge.

This is the car they were driving:

And this shows the car on Columbia Parkway, with the Ohio River in the background.

I think this is Dustin Hoffman sitting in the Cincinnati Airport, before he freaked out about getting on the plane.  Those mosaics behind him are now in the Museum Center at Union Terminal.

Here is a sample of that venue:

The very same mosaic in its new home:

The Cincinnati Union Terminal is definitely another building worth seeing...


Pam said...

Oh my! Such beautiful buildings.
Such incredible craftsmanship.
On a slightly different note,
there was a very large and modern Mormon temple under construction a few years ago in Adelaide - very unusual building for here and they opened it to the public on completion to explain a little about the religion..., an 'open house' to admire the completed structure - although no doubt running to a set formula for these houses of worship, the craftsmanship was superb - I remember all the older Italian craftsmen, many who were 1940's-50's immigrants here, proudly showing off their work to their families. I found it interesting but this I would find absolutely fascinating, creative, and wonderfully awe-inspiring.
Thank you for sharing it Judy!

Pam said...

oh...and I loved the Rain Man movie.

judy in ky said...

I enjoy sharing these things, Pam. It's a bit like seeing them through fresh eyes. I appreciate your interest in them. There is so much craftsmanship all around us in many of our cities; I'm happy when I see it preserved.