Thursday, November 7, 2013

This Makes Me So Angry!

First, someone put up an image of a cat, wearing a shark costume, riding around on a roomba.  Don't ask me why.  It became an internet sensation.

Then someone posted an image of a cat on a roomba slapping a dog.  It became an internet sensation too.  People began calling it "Roomba Cat".  Silly, but nothing wrong with it I guess.

However, Ally Bank apparently picked up on this idea and put a cat and a roomba together in their commercial.  How many of you have seen this ad?  It shows a woman thinking back to things she has done that haven't turned out so well.  Here she is, on the phone.

Then they show some of her mistakes.  The first one involves her cat and her roomba.  The ad shows the cat sitting across the room, minding its own business.  Then the roomba starts up and runs right into the cat.  We hear the cat screech in pain.  Is that supposed to be funny?  Is that supposed to be amusing?
Depicting a cat screaming in pain, being injured or possibly killed by the roomba?  We don't actually see the cat, just hear it screaming and the look on the woman's face.

I love all animals, including cats.  I think this is horrible and in very poor taste.  Why would they put this in an ad that many people can't stand to watch and listen to?  Every time I see it come on I change the channel so I don't have to witness it.  Is this the effect Ally Banks wants to have on people?  To turn them off and make them stop watching?  Are there so many cruel people who enjoy this type of thing and think it's funny?  It seems to have been created by some mean adolescent male.  Also, what does roomba think about their product being used this way?

I have written to Ally Bank and the company that makes roomba.  I want them to stop using this commercial.  Maybe they should also think about firing the guy who came up with this idea.  It's sick.


Pam said...

Good that you wrote in protest.
We have 'funniest home videos' here on tv with similar idiotic happenings - dangerous situations which people think hilariously funny. The worst I saw on the show was a young child spun around and around, and when stopped their eyes were going everywhere - can't be good for a young brain, particularly when shaking a child can be damaging to a fragile and developing brain. I thought it bordered on child abuse, and can't stand the show.
I've also ended a friendship after watching how a young woman tolerated the treatment of her dogs towards the cat.
I can understand your anger.

judy in ky said...

We have that funniest video show here too, and I don't watch it. People laugh at other peoples' pain and discomfort. I don't get it.
I feel bad for the cat of your ex-friend. I couldn't be friends with her either.
Thanks for your commiseration.