Sunday, November 17, 2013

Inside a Landmark

Yesterday, I wrote about Rookwood Pottery and showed you photos of the building where the artists worked for over sixty years, producing the iconic and highly collectible pottery known as Rookwood.

For a time, after the pottery was closed down, the building housed a very popular restaurant and bar.  It was part of the lively seventies scene, and I spent many evenings there.

Inside at the bar:  notice the bricks behind the bar, that's part of an original kiln where the pottery was fired.  In the photo below you can see another kiln with a door leading in; there were tables and chairs inside the kilns for dining.

There were dining tables set among the kilns.  (I think this was my table on a couple occasions; it looks so familiar!)

And dining tables inside the kilns:

Upstairs... a very industrial atmosphere:

In the summer, there was outdoor dining and drinking:

During those days, you could have dinner at The Rookwood then go to Riverfront Stadium and watch the Big Red Machine play!  Johnny Bench and Pete Rose.  Ah, the good old days in Cincinnati!


Pam said...

Looks like fun - I can imagine it 'rockin' in the 70's.'
I often drive past the hot spots of the 70's here in Adelaide, so quiet now - and we used to have dimly-lit coffee lounges with folk singers - now everything is bistros.
I'm showing my age!
Enjoyed your pics.

judy in ky said...

I'm showing my age too, Pam! I had a lot of fun in those days. How things have changed!