Saturday, December 1, 2012

A New Month and A New Anti-Depressant

I like the drawing above because it has a dog and a cat in it, along with the Christmas tree.  They are wearing Santa hats, which makes them whimsical to me.  I like whimsy.  I like how the dog is behind the "b" and the "e" but the cat is sitting on top of an "e".  If I bring anything new into the house, one of the cats just has to go over and sit on it.

I went to my doctor on Monday, as I mentioned previously.  He diagnosed "stress" and gave me a new prescription. I have been taking it all week and haven't noticed much difference yet, but am hopeful for a "whole new me".  I remember when I first started taking Prozac, about twenty years ago.  I had been withdrawn and sad.  After being on Prozac for a while I found myself at a party, and to my surprise, I was talking and laughing with other people.  It was a dramatic change.

What I am hoping for now is a higher energy level.  I seem to be tired all the time, and look forward to my bed at night a lot more than I should.  I recently read about an iPhone app called "from the couch to a 5K".  I downloaded it and am hoping it will get me up and running (literally).


the veg artist said...

I'm sure you'll start to feel on a more even keel soon!

judy in ky said...

Thanks so much, I am starting to feel better!