Friday, December 7, 2012

"Extinguish All Rational Thought"

The title is a quote from "The Independent".  They were commenting on how the royal pregnancy news has "instantly eclipsed all other news".

I hope Kate Middleton (Dutchess Kate) decides to go into hiding during her pregnancy.  The press is not going to leave her alone and is going to turn it into a circus.  I don't think she will, though.  The press is already speculating about her maternity fashions.

There has already been a scandal about the DJs that called the hospital under false pretenses, and now the person who spoke to them has been found dead.  Good grief!

I am happy for them, of course.  But I also feel sorry for anyone who has to put up with that kind of scrutiny.


the veg artist said...

There are politicians and 'celebrities' who are delighted because it means that they are being left alone!
Feel sorry for us British readers as well, please - we've got months of this ahead. There will be knitted items sent to Buckingham Palace, discussions about boy/girl shapes/twins(this has already started), about whether a girl will take the throne if first-born (a law has been passed, just in case!). He/she will probably be sent Christmas presents before it is born!!!!!
Mostly, though, people are genuinely delighted for them.

judy in ky said...

I am delighted for them, too. But I feel sorry for them in a way because of the unrelenting publicity. I once had my picture in the paper and it really made me nervous. I guess they must be used to it though.