Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blogger Woes

I am woefully uninformed when it comes to Blogger and Google.  I stumbled onto Blogger years ago when I began reading other blogs.  I finally decided to set up my own blog using Blogger because it was all I knew.  Over the years, Blogger has forced several changes on me, and I have adapted as best I could.  Now there has been another change, and it has me stumped!

Suddenly I received a message that I no longer have space to post photos.  If I want more space I have to sign up to pay a monthly fee to Picasa.  Picasa???!!!  Where did THAT come from?  I never signed up for anything called Picasa.  I wasn't even aware of its existence.  I keep my photos in my iPhoto file, and I post them from there.

Apparently, Blogger or Google, or whoever is in charge, has linked my photos to this mysterious "Picasa" thing. Are they messing with my iPhoto file?  It seems someone has been.  Suddenly I can't find my photos in order of when I put them there; they are all scrambled up.  Some of them I can't find at all.

It's all very frustrating.  I don't even know if the Apple store can help me, because I don't think this is an Apple issue.  Is there a Blogger store where I can go?  Is there a Picasa "genius" somewhere I can consult?

I find that I am not alone.  I read other bloggers and suddenly they are facing the same issues.  Suddenly this "Picasa" thing is demanding money from them!  My blog friend Rachel in England has decided to create a new blog, on Wordpress.  What is Wordpress?  How do you find it?  How does it work?  I have no idea!  This blogging business has become a huge mystery to me.  Why couldn't it just stay the same?  How do I adapt?  I don't know!  I want to keep blogging right here because it's all I know how to do.  They aren't making it easy though...


Pam said...

I share your pain!!
Blogger used to be so simple and enjoyable, and it annoys me in any aspect of life, that if something is working well, and everyone is happy, it has to be changed by those in charge for their own benefit.
My grumble, after paying the money, is that now I have problems with layout having a mind of its own, and rearranging photos on my blog sees some disappear completely to who knows where, and I have to start all over again.
I feel it is theft in some ways to demand from us all worldwide this new fee, but here it works out to about $6 -$10 a month, and I figure that's a fairly inexpensive hobby for me in the scheme of things.
Collecting the pennies from bloggers the world over would bring in a very tidy sum for them though!!
Sorry I can't be more helpful with the technicalities Judy.
Husband has also suggested I change to WordPress (he'd have to do it for me, I get confused by it all) but I've decided to stick with the devil I know.
Thanks for your recent well-wishes.
David is recovering well from the op.

judy in ky said...

I'm happy to hear David is recovering well. That's the most important thing.
I've been told I could change to WordPress too, but I really don't have a clue how to use it. If Picasa could invade Blogger, couldn't they do it to WordPress too? I may stick with the devil I know too, although it costs an extra $2.49 a month. It sure makes me angry, though. Now I don't trust Blogger. They seem to be messing around with my iPhoto photos. It's hard to find things there now. I guess I will see if the Apple store will help me with iPhoto at least.
Thank you sharing this!