Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tree With A Kitty On Top!

I took a photo of this tree as it was losing its last leaves in October.

This morning I looked out and there was a black kitty sitting on top of it!

If you look really close, you can see another black kitty sitting at the bottom of the tree, looking up.

Here's a closer look.  Is is the same kitty as the one below?  I can't be sure.  We have multiple little black kitties hanging out around here.

It could very well have been this one.  It's clear she likes to sit on top of things!  Here she is on top of the "igloo".


Bearette said...

That's quite a climb!

rachel said...

And every one of your cats looks plump and healthy!

judy in ky said...

They are plump and healthy. We feed them breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pam said...

It all looks witchy and magical - black cat, bare branches etc.
We were discussing feral cats in the school staffroom recently - the cats on the site are fed by staff, but too wild to trap and desex, so various kittens are eventually adopted by staff or parents.
Their temperaments vary greatly in the home setting, from extremely docile and pliable to off the planet wild, and that's from the same litter! - the prettiest pick of the bunch is presently proving a devastating handful to the librarian who has accepted it will always prefer to live amongst garage junk at the back of her house.

judy in ky said...

We had a litter of little black kitties that came to our house to be fed. We adopted one and she adjusted beautifully. While we kept her in a cage at first, she even let us reach in and pet her. Then we brought one of her littermates in and she didn't accept us at all, so we let her back outside. They do seem to be born with different personalities, just like our own babies.