Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Well, it has happened to us.  My husband just found out he will no longer have a job after December 31st.  We are pretty well prepared, as he was thinking of retiring next June, after he turns 65.  Still, it's a  bit of a rude awakening to realize there won't be a paycheck coming in.  Even more important, our health insurance will no longer be in effect.  No more doctor visits, no more dental work, no more prescriptions... unless it comes out of our pockets.

He can get Cobra to continue our insurance, but it's expensive.  I guess we will have to do that, though, until he is old enough for Medicare.  Wait... Medicare?  That's for old people!  Somehow, I never thought we would be THAT old.  Medicare is for our parents and grandparents, isn't it?  Suddenly, the machinations going on in Congress are personal.  What a time to be going on Social Security and Medicare... just when they are fighting over what's going to happen to it!

My mindset has changed overnight.  I intend to start using coupons for everything I buy.  I already returned some clothes I had bought that still had the tags on.  I plan to minimize my driving to save on gas.  I will cancel magazine subscriptions and start selling things on ebay.  It's amazing how your outlook on life can change overnight.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Sorry for the shock of it all, but you sound as though you are taking the bull by the horns!!
Oh, and just fyi, Hawaii has a terrific reputation for its social services! My mother-in-law often dangled this carrot when she was encouraging us to cross the Pacific.

judy in ky said...

I think I will dangle this carrot in front of my husband!

the veg artist said...

Just seen this - always a blow when it happens, but you will adjust. Think of selling things as clearing stuff before you move to Hawaii!

judy in ky said...

Hi veg artist, I am getting ready to clear and sell a lot of things; still trying to convince my husband about Hawaii.

Jenny said...

Sorry to hear this news.