Saturday, October 27, 2012

Photos Along The Way

Sometimes progress doesn't seem so good.  Example:  these are scenes from the narrow, winding road that I drive to my sister's house.  These fences and the stone wall belong to a farm; the house is at the top of the hill.  The problem is, they are going to widen the road, and this view will probably disappear.

On a happier note, this is my youngest niece, greeting me as I come to their house.

And this is their dog, Sammy.  She's a girl; Sammy is short for Samantha.  She's a sweetheart.

Sometimes I just take photos of my everyday life.  I took these this past week with my phone.


Pam said...

Just to let you know I really enjoy visiting and seeing photos of your everyday life, as well as your trips away. Fun to see the reverse seasons too!
Sad about losing environmental beauty due to road widening - evidently in the U.S.(due to progress?) you lost many intricate and historical railway station buildings too over time to make way for highways, shopping centres and carparks - don't think our Australian railway centres were ever so interesting as those demolished in the U.S and certainly not as grandiose.
Lovely family photos Judy!

judy in ky said...

Thank you so much, Pam. I'm glad you enjoy coming here; it's nice to share the special times and the ordinary times.
Yes, so many beautiful old places have been erased from our landscape. When we lived in Pennsylvania I saw many interesting old train stations in deteriorating condition. Some are being restored, thank goodness.

rachel said...

I like the everyday life shots - a blog is a great way to document one's life, isn't it! Shame about losing yet another lovely view; the next town along from ours is just one huge building site, it seems, with what had been fields with sheep a year ago now filled with cheap ugly brick houses all built very close together. So sad.

judy in ky said...

I agree it's shame that nature is treated so off-handedly by builders and developers. I enjoy seeing the beautiful scenes you show on your blog. It's a shame that these were ruined in the next town over.