Sunday, October 7, 2012

Choosing A Charity

I get mail from dozens of organizations, both charitable and political, asking for money.

This morning I laid some out on the kitchen table...

and some on the counter.  This isn't all of them; these are just the ones I've received recently.  Here are some examples:

The Salvation Army

City Gospel Mission


The Humane Society

Best Friends Animal Society




Planned Parenthood


I can't give to them all!  How to decide?  Well, in some cases I am already familiar with their work.  In addition, I try to read the information they send to get an idea of their purpose.  If I decide to consider them, I look them up on the internet.  I found a site called "Charity Reviews, Ratings and Guides" which is done by the National Better Business Bureau.  There is also a site called "Charity Navigator" where you can read about each charity.

Does anyone else have any ideas about this?  Do you throw them all out immediately?  Do your read them?  Do you have any favorites?  I wonder how other people handle this.


Bearette said...

d gives to oxfam, results, care, obama and peta. (hunger, politics and animals)

judy in ky said...

Well, I have been giving mostly to animal welfare and rescue. Obama and Bernie Sanders.

judy in ky said...

Oh yes, and the Salvation Army.

Pam said...

I vary different organizations yearly with our monthly donations -Christian Blind mission 1 year, Greenpeace the next. This year is Amnesty International. That way I feel I can try to share our charity donations somewhat.
As we don't go to church, our long-term finacial committment over many years is to a sponsored child in Ethiopia through World Vision. That has bought joy to both sponsor and sponsored.
Requests can get overwhelming so I stick to one organization for the year plus our sponsored child. Easier that way. Hope it might help your dilemma!

judy in ky said...

Pam, I like your idea of choosing one each year. The requests do get overwhelming.

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