Thursday, October 25, 2012


I will be SO happy when this election is over!  We have seriously been "blitzed" by political ads.  We happen to live in an area where we receive broadcast television from the Cincinnati area market.  As you may know, Ohio is one of the most important "swing states".  In Ohio, the three largest broadcast markets are Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.  Cincinnati is in Hamilton County, Ohio.  The county is considered the most important county politically in this swing state; so we get all the ads targeted at this area.

We see one political ad after another, with no break in between.  First there will be a Republican ad, then immediately following there will be a Democratic ad.  They contradict each other, so how can either have the desired effect?  Then there are the Senatorial campaign ads.  Then there are the Super Pac ads.  24 hours a day, seven days a week, the ads just keep coming.  Now I have an inkling of why one of my grandfathers shot his television during the 1960s.

Now I understand my grandfather a little better.

However, I have a less drastic solution; I just turn it off!  Ahhh, silence!


Pam said...

This is so funny, but I can appreciate the annoying side of it also. Great illustrations!

judy in ky said...

Thank you, Pam! At least it helps a bit to laugh at it.

Bearette said...

:) It's funny that he shot his TV.

judy in ky said...

I know. It's kind of a legend in my family. My uncle kept the television with the hole in it at his house for years.

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