Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More About Food

The other day I made guacamole.  It was gone in two days, and it was a big bowl full!  I decided I might like it better without onion and with more cumin, so I made another batch this morning.  I liked it better.  A lot of recipes call for cilantro, but I'm one of those people who don't like cilantro, so I leave it out.

This morning I made another favorite of mine... beets and eggs.

When I was a child, my grandmother brought beets and eggs to every Easter dinner, and I loved them.  I make them fairly often.  I don't have to worry about sharing these with my husband because he hates beets.

I've always liked hard boiled eggs too.  As a child at Easter, I always wanted to eat a couple of the colored Easter eggs before I started on the chocolate.  My mom said she never knew another child that preferred hard boiled eggs to chocolate!


the veg artist said...

I cn honestly say that, here in the UK, I have never, ever, seen PINK eggs!!! I like beetroot (as we call it) and would happily eat beetroot and eggs together in a salad, but to make them pink first? Why? I don't mean to be rude, just curious as to how this started.

Pam said...

Curious too!
I have been making curried eggs lately where you scoop out the hard-boiled egg yolks, mix with a little curry powder and mayonnaise and put the filling back in the egg centres.
Everyone loves them because they bring back childhood memories of food platters of the 1950's and 60's. They were served decorated with a tiny sliver of gherkin and beetroot on each egg, on a bed of shredded lettuce.
Your pink eggs are interesting!

judy in ky said...

When you marinate the eggs in beet juice for a day or so, they take on a different taste as well as a different color. Some people call them "pickled eggs". I know it doesn't sound good, but it is!
When I was little, I called them "red eggs".

littlemancat said...

I love pickled eggs too! They're very much a part of traditional Pennsylvania cooking as I'm sure you know, Judy. Especially around Lancaster county as part of the so called Pennsylvania Dutch -or German-cooking. They also make Dilly eggs - a light yellow hard boiled egg- marinated in dill pickle juice. They all have a distinctive taste, not just hard boiled egg flavor.
Thanks for the post-

judy in ky said...

Hi Mary! Thank you for the scoop on pickled eggs. I didn't know about Dilly eggs. They sound good too, I like dill on fish and in potato salad.
I used to live near Philadelphia, not that far from Lancaster County.