Friday, October 5, 2012

He Says, She Says

My husband and I are having a battle... over trees.

I think a tree should look like a tree.  I like the natural way the tree grows and the branches branch out.

He prefers a tree to look like this, neat and tidy and conforming to its owner's wishes.  I think it's a "control" issue.  I like to leave nature alone to do its own thing; my husband feels like he has to conquer nature, to keep it from running amok I guess.

We have this tree in our yard.

He wants to have someone come and trim it.  The man who came to do an estimate mentioned making a ball shape, like a topiary.  I told him I like a natural shape.  Now my husband and I are arguing about it.  I have read that cutting branches off could make the tree susceptible to bacteria, as well as other possible problems.  My husband says "we will talk about it" but he thinks I am being unreasonable and silly.  What do you think?


the veg artist said...

I have had a few very large gardens with some very large trees, and partly agree with you both. In the courtyard you picture with the "controlled" tree, I don't think a wild tree would look right. In a large, open, front garden, a small, lone, trimmed tree can look silly.
I think it's about scale.
I would stand well back from the house and look at it from between your fingers. How much could you tolerate being cut back (because it will grow again, you know)?

Not many types of tree are suitable for tight shaping, so I wouldn't worry about that. A good, qualified, tree surgeon will shape, trim and thin out according to the species.
They will also only cut at the appropriate time of year, so infection should not be an issue.
Have you identified the tree? There should be plenty of info around on the natural growth expected, also on whether roots can be a danger to foundations.

Sorry for going on, but you did ask!

judy in ky said...

I did ask and I hoped for input, so thank you! I do appreciate you taking the time to write.

littlemancat said...

Wonderful advice from the veg artist. My immediate reaction was to completely agree with you, Judy.
The shaped and trimmed trees sometimes look like lollipops to me :)! I do like natural best unless it's a trim for safety reasons- a big tree near a house can be an issue in a bad storm.
Good luck!

judy in ky said...

Hi Mary, That's funny, I think they sometimes look like lollipops to me, too... certainly not like natural trees. I like most things the way nature intended them.
I have found some information about when to trim and to find a proper arborist to do it.