Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday was "Moving Up Day"

This is Molly, my youngest niece, who is eight years old. She is "moving up" from Lower Elementary to Upper Elementary, in their Montessori school.

This is her sister, Sarah, who is twelve. She is "moving up" into Junior High next year. Sarah is an accomplished gymnast, who is also moving up to level five in gymnastics this summer. She is a state champion in the bars and the vault.

This is Sarah doing her presentation:

And this is Molly, reading from hers:

And this is Aubrey, who is ten. She didn't have a "moving up" this year because she is already in Upper Elementary, going from fifth to sixth grade. She is smart and funny and generous, and the fastest reader I know.

My nieces are all bright, beautiful and talented, and they are growing up so fast!

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