Friday, May 14, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress!

Have you watched this show? It takes place at a bridal salon in New York City. I don't really understand my fascination with it. I guess it's a "fantasy world" for me, where girls spend thousands of dollars on one dress, to be worn on just one day. The dresses start at around $2,000 and go up to $20,000 and over. One girl spent $26,000 on her dress! (Or, rather, her father did.) My own wedding dress was $500, so this is a whole new world for me. (Well, that was also ancient history!)

Some of the brides are nice girls; others are real "bridezillas". Some of the mothers are straight out of "Mommy Dearest". Some of the brides bring a whole gaggle of girlfriends, who sit on the sidelines and heckle the bride, finding fault with every dress she tries on. The salespeople, for the most part, have the patience of saints. Never has anyone come to blows. I'm not sure I could be so patient.

Things have changed since my own wedding day (ancient history again). Weddings have become over-the-top extravaganzas. I think the current generation of young women watch all these shows and get grand ideas. I've noticed how many of them talk about wanting to feel like a "princess" on their wedding day. Maybe this is Disney coming back to bite us all, with all the "princess" business. Feeling like a princess on your wedding day isn't so bad, I guess, as long as you don't expect that feeling to last when the "bride" becomes the "wife".


Susan said...

it's one of my guilty tv pleasures as well. Along with What Not to Wear which actually has been very educational for me, Miss Fleece & Denim. I also am strangely drawn to LA Ink and my latest thrill America's Next Top Model (or Britian's, or Canada's or Australia's Next Top Models) I guess it's that hidden fashionista in me with ANTM.

I never, ever dreamed of a wedding and therefore never dreamed of the dress so I find Say Yes ... kind of bizarre, a kind of (mostly) girly girl persona that I can't relate to ... and therefore LOVE to watch. It's on TV this afternoon. ;-)

xo S & les Gang

ps. Your husband would keel over if he saw the gardens here at Black St. thankfully the Cowboy is a wild and tangled English garden type. Phew !

Mountain Thyme said...

I paid $75 for my wedding gown and veil. My daughter used the lace and ribbon from the veil to wrap her floral bouquets at her wedding and for her first anniversary, I cut up the linen gown and made beautiful table napkins for her home and my son's home.

But, I am storing her $2,000 gown and veil from her wedding in my house.

Go figure!

kekekelo said...
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julie king said...

i love this show as well and record it on dvr. i had such a simple country church wedding in 1975 (my first one) with a hand sewn dress and fresh flowers from my aunt's garden. for my second wedding we said our vows in front of our fireplace in our family room with close relatives and friends smiling on. both were special and simple and full of heart. i enjoy watching all the big fancy weddings of today on tv but wouldn't change a thing about either of mine.