Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Guess where we are going this weekend. To see these people:

We are going to drive several hours, up to Columbus, Ohio and stay overnight so we can see this concert. There is not much we can do or see if we stay at home in Kentucky (unless you want to go to the motorcyclists' convention over in Rabbit Hash).

We drove to Cincinnati to see The Eagles last year. We have to drive to Cincinnati to go to Trader Joe's, or Fresh Fields, or the Apple Store too. There just aren't many places near us now that we were used to when we lived in Philadelphia. Here, we have a biker bar and a flea market and lots of Rand Paul campaign signs. I still miss Philadelphia.


Bearette24 said...

When I was nauseous in my first trimester of pregnancy, I always listened to Carole was the only thing that soothed me. I hope you have a good time at the concert.

Mary Lou said...

I feel your pain. I grew up on a farm in KY. When school was out for the summer, I didn't see the kids until it started again.
That concert should help take away the lonliness..I'd love to see it and the Eagles.
Take care.