Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bail Out

We bailed out Wall Street with taxpayer dollars...

I think I would rather bail out the fishermen and shrimpers in the Gulf Coast.

At least they didn't cause their own problems!


rachel said...

We bailed our bankers out too - in case they went off to work somewhere else! How mad is that?

We are watching the oil disaster with terrible foreboding and a lot of guilt that it should be a British company that has created it.

Mim said...

Oh wow this oil thing is crazy isn't it.?!This whole 'bailing' out WS has created such a financial condondrum.
We went from winter/heat to literally 90 degrees/AC.. so hot here.
How about you where you are?
Will you be traveling to Philly this year to visit your friends?

judy in ky said...

We have been having nice spring weather here... not too hot yet.
Will be visiting friends in Philly sometime soon, maybe next month!