Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Is Going To Be A Long One...

Remember what this man said in "Network"? He said "I'm Mad As Hell". That's how I feel about the oil spill.

I just feel sick, angry, and sad every time I see one of these. And it keeps happening. It makes me want to declare a "War on Oil". I still believe the adage that "money is the root of all evil" but I also believe that "oil is the root of all evil" too. Oil and money... very much related. Oil and money and politics. So many are getting rich from our dependence on oil. They are not going to give it up easily. Our never-ending quest for oil leads to two main choices: 1) foreign oil (war) and 2) domestic oil (spills that ruin our coastlines).

I believe we should be doing everything possible to develop other sources of power. We know what they are, but where is the will and the commitment to developing them? Big oil has been fighting to stop projects to develop wind farms, because they know it would cut into their profits. Too many legislators will not stand up to them because oil lobbyists have them in their grip. Now that the Supreme Court, in its wisdom, has declared that corporations have "free speech" rights to make campaign contributions. It looks like big oil's influence is going to be even stronger.

"Big Oil" has this country in its grip.

We should be encouraging and developing wind power...

and solar power.

And here comes the part where some of you will call me a real "party pooper".

Do we really need all these things?

Big, gas-guzzling cars:

Wave runners and snow mobiles, purely for entertainment purposes:

ATVs and RTVs, again purely for entertainment purposes?

I know, I know... it's unAmerican to give up all our fun toys. But Americans made huge sacrifices during both World Wars. Women gave up silk stockings, raw materials were sacrificed for the war effort, rationing, etc. I think we should declare a "War on Oil" and be willing to make sacrifices for this effort. I realize this is not realistic and most Americans would never go along with it. But I wish we would!


Bearette24 said...

I agree with you. Here in Manhattan, most of us don't even have cars. I can see why the rest of the country needs them, though. But...I also dislike the oil spill's effects on the environment, and our dependence on oil.

judy in ky said...

I think we have taken it for granted for too long, that it would always be there for any old purpose.

kekekelo said...
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