Monday, January 6, 2014

Undoing Christmas

I have been putting my Christmas decorations away… a little at a time.  I love my Christmas decorations.  It makes me sad to put them away for another year.

Of course, my kitties are always there to help and provide morale support.  That's a photo of Tiger watching over the stockings and the lights.

Here is the Christmas tree…

and here is Tiger, sitting under it, pretending to be a gift.  Or is he waiting for Santa?

I have a collection of Santas.  I like to put them on top of the fireplace, with pine boughs and twinkly lights.

I like to place them among reindeer and cottages, creating the feel of a little Christmas village.

The tiniest Santa, busy in his workshop:

Santa on the clock:

Santa sitting by the fireplace:

A rustic looking old Santa on one side…

and a more elfin Santa on the other side. 

Santa on the china hutch in the dining room…

along with all the other little colorful "Christmas critters" I have collected over the years.

I have the nativity scene that my mom gave to me so I could carry on the tradition:

I remember these figures from my childhood.  I found the rustic, handmade stable on eBay.

My mom added wise men and shepherds over the years.  The shepherds and their sheep are from Italy. The ceramic angel was made by my great aunt

I especially love all the little animals.  The goats came from a goat farm shop near Mom's house.

Among my favorites are my old-fashioned Gurley candles.

The jaunty snowmen are whimsical and cheerful.  There is something Bob Fosse-like about their body language.

I love the little Rudolph candles the most, with their perky stance and tiny red nose:

I make little scenes for them, with tree candles, snowmen and more twinkly lights.

All the Gurley candles are old-fashioned and sweet.  There are angels, madonna and child and little babies on moons.

(I am a moon child myself!)

Of course, my love of Hawaii shows up in the decorations, too:

I began this post with a picture of Tiger sleeping on some Christmas stockings.  I will end it with Tinkerbell cuddling with another little Christmas critter.

So now I am putting all the decorations away for another year.  I'm sorry to see them go.


littlemancat said...

Enjoyed seeing all your pretty Christmas decorations. Until this year I didn't know the little figurine candles were Gurley candles. I have the three choir children - repros of course - and also a Halloween set, once again repros. I got mine from the Vermont Country Store - have you ever seen their catalogue? It has all kinds of things from "the old days."
Love Tinkerbell and her Teddy! Hope all the kitties are okay,

judy in ky said...

Yes, I have seen the candles in the Vermont Country Store catalogue. I bought the old ones on ebay, and the repos look just the same, I think. I have the Thanksgiving characters, too; the little pilgrims and Indians.
Thanks for you comment. We are hoping for the kitties to be okay, too. After tomorrow the weather is supposed to warm up again.

Pam said...

Beautiful decorations Judy. I can see why it's disappointing to put them away. The cats looks so content.