Sunday, January 26, 2014

Epic Winters

If you have read Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin, you have the imagery in your head of the seemingly endless, enormously frigid winter at Lake of the Coheeries.  It was so cold that the lake froze overnight.

Likewise, if you have read Game of Thrones, you have imagined "The Wall".  The Wall is solid ice, 300 miles long and 700 feet high.  It serves as a barrier between Westeros and the wilderness beyond.

These images of extreme cold and endless winter come to mind now, as we approach the end of January, in which we have had record amounts of snow and below zero arctic temperatures.  We have had one "arctic blast" after another, with another one due next week.  It is beginning to feel endless.


Pam said...

I cannot imagine what that would feel like Judy. I have only experienced snow, and then only very lightly, a couple of times in my life, one of those being in Wisconsin decades ago. I remember a chilly -4 degrees at Pine Lake in Tasmania in our December summer season once (next land mass on the map being Antartica), and that was bad enough!

judy in ky said...

I have always lived in places with cold winters and snow. I would love to be away from it. Some people say they would miss having four seasons, but I don't think I would.