Sunday, January 12, 2014


This is my inukshuk.  I bought it in Michigan about twenty years ago.  I don't know why, but I was drawn to it in a little shop that featured folk art.

What is an inukshuk?  That's what I asked the man in the store.  It's a symbol used by Inuit people to represent the human figure.  "Inuit" means "the people".  These people are nomads who live in Arctic regions around the world.

The inukshuk is used for communication for those who encounter it along the way.  It can mean "you are on the right path" or "other people were here".  Sometimes they are used to memorialize a revered individual.  I found it fascinating so I looked into other art made by the Inuit people.  There are many beautiful figures of animals, such as bears, caribou and whales.  The people respect the environment and the animals that share it with them.  I find a lot to admire in that tradition.

Here are some photos of the inukshuk in the Arctic:

Some animal figures made by Inuit artists:

This kind of art goes straight to my heart and soul.  It reflects the respect and understanding that these people have for animals that share their world.  As I was researching this, I found that there is an Inukshuk gallery in Vancouver, B.C. and a native art gallery in Stratford, Ontario.  I would love to visit them one day.  Here is a link to their website.


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I like it.

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I hope you get to visit the galleries you've mentioned. I enjoyed the link.

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So good to hear from you Pam.