Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blue Ice

Winter is cold, and it's making me blue.  Last week the "polar vortex" descended on us, bringing Arctic cold to our area.  That meant our temperature readings were below zero for days at a time.  Below zero!

This week normal winter weather returned.  Our temperatures are above zero finally… but still below freezing!  Now they are telling us that the "polar vortex" is coming down AGAIN next week.  Get me away from here!  I am yearning for a beach and the warmth of the sun.

Even if I did have a chance to go away, I'm not sure I could.  I feel responsible for the feral kitties who live outside in back of our house.  We have provided them with shelters filled with straw, along with food and water dishes.  Of course, the water freezes when temperatures are this low.  So we got heated water dishes for them.  Look what the kitties have done…

They have decided that the heated water dishes are a nice place to sit.  I'm sure they are drawn to the warmth.

I could get heated shelters for them, but there aren't that many electrical outlets outside.  So will they have to choose between drinking water and a warm place to sit?  I have thought about asking my brother-in-law if we can borrow his outdoor heater (the kind that cafes have outside) to put back there.  I'm not sure it would work while sitting in snow and ice, though.  (Or we might blow a fuse from using all those heaters.)

I just wish winter would go away!


Pam said...

The polar vortex is coming down again??
We have had the reverse situation of temperatures above 40 degree (100 degree) heat in Adelaide for all of last week, with many bushfires. Hope that doesn't mean that another furnace blast may be on its way again.
Love your photos.

judy in ky said...

I have been hearing about your heat wave, Pam. If only we could balance things. I hope the furnace blast doesn't happen.
It could be just as difficult protecting the kitties from the heat as it is from the cold.