Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scenes from "Justified"

Here are some scenes with some of my favorite characters.

The first video features Raylan, set to music.  I would rather show the dialogue, but it wasn't available.  The white haired older man is Raylan's father Arlo.  Arlo is on the wrong side of the law, which causes Raylan some conflict because he has been sent back to Harlan to enforce the law.

This scene is Boyd Crowder, played wonderfully by Walton Goggins.  He is a villain, but Raylan has a bit of a soft spot for him because they dug coal together as younger men.

Finally, this is Boyd and Ava dancing "hillbilly" style.  First Boyd speaks to Mags, who is the matriarch of a rival clan.  Margo Martindate, who plays Mags, won an Emmy for this role. 


the veg artist said...

Watched the first one - too many guns for me!

judy in ky said...

I understand. I don't like guns much either, but I've been fascinated by the storyline and the characters.