Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alberta Clipper Coming!

Tonight we are going to experience an "Alberta Clipper".  Cold air is going to swoop down upon us and bring five to eight inches of snow.  So, tomorrow morning we will look out our windows and see a world covered in snow.

The anticipation inspired me, so I started looking for images of snow.  First, I found the snow sculpture, made out of snow:

Then I saw this cool fort:

And this gathering of snowmen at a Snow Festival in Japan:

So many snow sculptures:

In China, they hold a Snow Festival every year.  At night, it looks like their version of Disneyland.

Look at the people coming through the tunnels, in the foreground above.  Below you can see the tunnels leading up to the castle:

It looks like a fairyland, or the Emerald City (except it's maybe the Amethyst City).  How cool!  (freezingly)

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