Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saturday Night in the Big City

Last Saturday, we went to the big city for the evening.  Cincinnati is on the Ohio River.  We live south of the river in Kentucky.  When you cross the bridge into Ohio, you are in the "big city".  That's where all the entertainment is.

The round building with all the windows is a restaurant.  It's called The Boathouse.  It sits right on the Ohio River, and has nice views of the river and the city skyline.  

The Boathouse is one of three restaurants called the Montgomery Inn.  The Montgomery Inn is famous for ribs.  The owner is called "the ribs king".  They say many celebrities like to eat here when they are in town, and some people have the ribs shipped to them in other states.  

This picture was on the wall by our table.  It's "the ribs king" with Johnny Bench, who used to be a really big deal in Cincinnati.  He's still one of my favorites.  Every time I go to a Reds game and see the catcher behind the plate, I picture Johnny Bench there.  In my mind, I'm stuck in the 70s.  

Then we went to see a play at the Playhouse in the Park.  It's one of our favorite places to go in Cincinnati.  

It has won two Tony awards.

It's a very cool place.

We had season tickets to the Playhouse when we lived here back in the 80s.  Now that we are back in the area, we have season tickets again.

I love Saturday nights!


Pam said...

Such an interesting post Judy - thanks for sharing your adventures.
On our few trips overseas husband and I have regretted never being in a place long enough to make theatre bookings and theatre is a strong interest of ours (husband teaches drama and is a former student of the Centre for the Performing Arts). What you've featured all looks vibrant and exciting!

Bearette said...

looks like fun! i guess some people really like those ribs.

judy in ky said...

Bearette, the ribs are really very good. A lot better than the famous "Cincinnati chili".

Pam, it's so cool that your husband teaches drama. I wish I had paid more attention to it when I was in school! We have a great School for Performing Arts here in Cincinnati.