Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Back (I Think)

It's official... I took my poor old MacBook to the Apple store this morning. They confirmed that the hard drive failed AND the battery was dead. So now I have a NEW MacBook, and I am typing on it as we speak. I'm still finding my way around it, so I still require a lot of patience. I did find my blog, though, as you can see.

To go to the Apple store I have to drive north and go across the bridge from Kentucky into Ohio and through the big city of Cincinnati. The bridge is the Brent Spence, where President Obama stood some months ago to talk about the need for improved infrastructure. Our bridge was being used as an example because it has been called "functionally obsolete". Yes, I had to drive over that bridge.

I had a passenger with me this morning; a feral cat we have named "Butch". He's a big tom cat that we have been hoping to catch for some time. My husband put the trap out last night and Butch was in it this morning. I dropped Butch off at U-Can, which is our beloved nonprofit facility in Cincinnati, to be neutered. Tomorrow morning I will pick him up and return him to the back yard where he lives with the rest of the feral colony.

(Note: I've just hit my first roadblock in learning my new laptop. I went to preview this post, then couldn't figure out how to get back here to the writing page. I got back but I'm not sure how!)


Susan said...

wow lucky you ! you have an ipad too don't you ? - "it" is on my most coveted list & hooray for Butch (and the ladies), not so butch anymore ;-) xo les Gang

judy in ky said...

I have an iPhone but no iPad, Susan. I have a Kindle Fire that does most of the things (I think) that the iPad does, though.
We are very happy to have Butch on our "neutered" list, too! He is the 13th one we have had spayed or neutered.

Bearette said...

giggling at susan's comment