Saturday, April 21, 2012

Girls Getting Ready

I was with my nieces yesterday as they were getting ready for a special occasion. The house was abuzz with feminine activity: nail polish, hair brushes, new dresses, what shoes to wear, etc. I have been watching them while their mom is at work since they were little girls. Now they are becoming young ladies. I was reminded of this as I watched them get ready to go out.

Aubrey was helping little sister Molly with her hair.

Sarah, the oldest sister, decided to put her finishing touches to Molly's hair. (Sarah is a perfectionist. She takes after her dad, as you will see in a moment.)

Aubrey was all ready to go...

Till dad came home and decided to add his own finishing touches to her hair. (The perfectionist, remember?) Sarah is a gymnast and her dad is a surgeon; both are areas where I guess being a perfectionist is a good thing!

Finally, they were all ready:

They are growing up so fast!


Bearette said...

aubrey looks about 17!

judy in ky said...

I know, and she's only 12!