Monday, April 23, 2012

I Brake for Clouds

One day last week, I got into my car and backed out of the driveway. When I looked ahead into the sky, I noticed these clouds. It reminded me of a Harry Potter story.

Why Harry Potter? I don't know... something about spirits being let loose and flying across the sky. That's what these clouds looked like to me. They looked like they were dancing up there, or flying around on their brooms, playing Quidditch.

Or, maybe someone up there with a giant paint brush. Anyway, I pulled over to the side of the street and started taking pictures of the sky. One of my neighbors was outside working on his truck, and he kept glancing over, clearly wondering what I was doing. Just a crazy cloud lady, Mister!

I always notice clouds and I always notice trees as I'm driving around, and want to stop and take photos of them. It's a wonder I ever get where I'm going.


the veg artist said...

I live in a high rainfall area near the west coast of Wales. We do clouds in a big way here!

littlemancat said...

I do the photo taking thing too. I try to have my camera with me when walking- love those trees! Sometimes I get puzzled looks, but as I get older, I care less about what people think. One of the benefits of aging, I guess.

judy in ky said...

I finally bought a book on how to identify different kinds of clouds, I never knew what to call them.

I think I need to take more walks... it's usually inconvenient to stop and take pictures when I'm driving in traffic!